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We work hard on the different elements that make our Christmas parties the stuff of legend. One of the key ingredients is the spectacular entertainment. These performances involve choreography, costume and set design, staging, rigging, lighting and sound, so we team up the best in the business to create performances that captivate our guests each year.

We work with Incandescence, an innovative circus theatre company from Cornwall. The team at Incandescence take our party themes, our visions and venue specifications and create exciting and dynamic aerial and dance performances.

Their talents have been showcased all over the world with big brands like Jaguar, Smirnoff and Christian Dior, and at world renowned events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Glastonbury Arts Festival. Their performances vary across a range of genres including live opera, classical ballet, world class acrobatics and aerial dance (to name a few). Incandescence is set a cut above the rest with their high-calibre performance collaborations and sensational costumes.

Alongside Incandescence we work with the team at Hawthorn, the creative technical event and production wizards, who create lighting designs to complement our show and highlight our theme set (crafted by Myles and his team). The staging and platforms we use maximise our guests’ view of the performance and the rigging allows the performers to climb, glide and spin.

Words won’t do these performances justice but these pictures will give you so idea of the sheer scale of these events!

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