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Six unmissable Christmas gifts for the gin lover in your life

GIN-gle All The Way

It feels so terribly British, but no-one can deny the meteoric rise in the popularity of gin in the UK over the past couple of years. Everywhere you look, people are raising a giant balloon glass and talking about floral botanicals with herbaceous notes whilst bars across the country are engaged in a never-ending race to stock the highest number of different gins.

Here at Vivid Experience, we’re happy to embrace the trend and make sure that you are equipped with everything you need to make sure your festive celebrations are very merry in 2017. This is our guide to the top 6 gin-inspired gifts that you can’t get through Christmas without.

1. Pimp your Christmas tree
Pickerings Gin Baubles sold out within 82 seconds of being released for sale last year, so you’re going to really have your finger on the trigger to get your mitts on a set of 6 coloured plastic baubles, filled with delicious Pickerings gin.
If you’ve got children or pets, you might want to consider placing these boozy baubles at the top of the tree, out of reach!
£30 @ baubles.pickeringsgin.com

2. Upgrade your Christmas party for all-inclusive gin
Holding world-class Christmas parties in leading venues in Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester, Vivid Experience know how to show you a good time. New for 2017, Vivid Experience are offering an exclusive drinks package to party goers that upgrades your table to all inclusive drinks, including single spirits. So if you are a big gin fan, you don’t need to pay the Earth to enjoy it.
Tickets £42-£75 @ www.vividexperience.co.uk

3. A very adult Christmas Countdown
The Gin Foundry are back with their Ginvent Calendar. They have selected 24 of the very best gins from producers large and small, and provided helpful tasting notes to maximise the experience. The countdown to Christmas will be a shared experience as they celebrate Ginvent with online live tastings and even a pop-up in Soho at the beginning of December.
£124.50  Available from selected stockists including www.masterofmalt.com

4. Festive stylings
Not On The High Street have been ahead of the game for a number of years when it comes to quirky gifts. They have a phenomenal range of ginspirational items on offer, but for us, one really stood out head and shoulders above the rest. This year, make Christmas Jumper Day at the office extra special with your very own ‘Gin-gle Bells’ jumper. You’ll really turn heads with your light-hearted yuletide threads.
£30 @ www.notonthehighstreet.com

5. Christmas in a glass
Of course, no list would be complete without a gin that has been distilled with the very essence of Christmas. We favour Edinburgh Gin’s Christmas offering, available from Urban Drinks. It bursts with spice and orange, with notes of honey and a lingering flavour of nutmeg.
But make sure you order yours soon – it’s a limited edition of 500 bottles.
£38.90 @ www.urban-drinks.co.uk

6. Have a cracking Christmas
What would the Christmas table be if it wasn’t groaning with food and festooned with crackers? This year you can forego the uncomfortable plastic moustache, and stop trying to entertain your friends with the smallest playing cards on earth. Just pick up a set of Drinks By The Dram’s Gin Christmas Crackers and that afternoon nap in front of the Queen’s Speech will come quicker than you anticipate.
£39.96 @ www.majestic.co.uk